Case Studies

Macy’s Herald Square

We designed and built a custom power distribution system as part of a $400 million top-to-bottom remodel of the iconic Macy’s store.

Radio City Music Hall

We developed a strategy for weighing the lobby chandeliers and delivered electrified hoists at a far lower cost than the alternative.

New York Downtown Hospital

We upgraded aging BAC towers with an innovative in-place installation that eliminated the need to dismantle the old system.

Grand Central Station

We did the primary electric service for the East Side Access project to bring Long Island Railroad into Grand Central Station.

East Brunswick Water

We replaced a wound rotor motor with a state of the art VFD drive and designed controls to fit into the existing cabinets.

Second Avenue Subway

We developed custom switchgear to exacting code specifications and delivered it to the prime contractor.

The Viscardi Center

We did a turnkey energy-efficient lighting upgrade.

Water Pressure Emergency

We help a customer resolve a pressure booster pump failure that was impacting 7 buildings and 2,100 families.

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Bethpage Library

We reduced cost by 33% on a major lighting upgrade.

Emergency Onsite Repairs

We rectified equipment problems and helped a major project to stay on track.

Hurricane Sandy

We get key systems back online in 48 hours.